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Welcome to the official website of The Kampong Chhnang Tourism of Cambodia.

This website aims to give you information and to promote our tourism resources, products and services and also to a give a clear picture of Cambodia today regarding issues about political stability, security and safety.

The Ministry of Tourism of the Royal Government of Cambodia has produced this site to provide essential information for visitors and Tourist businesses from around the world.

Cambodia is rich in history, culture and amazing tourism resources. The Angkor Wat is the World Heritage of Humanity and symbolises the heart and the soul of the Cambodian nation, and it illuminates our unique culture, civilization and the past history of the ancient Angkor Kingdom of Cambodia.

Cambodia also provides visitors with a variety of once undiscovered cultural and historical attractions throughout the Kingdom and the dual theme guiding Cambodia tourism is "Culture and Nature". We invite you to share our appreciation of the majesty of our unspoiled environment and richness of the fauna and flora, the uniqueness of the Tonle Sap lake and the many wonderful and special places only to be found in Cambodia.

It is hoped that visitors to Cambodia and to this site may be interested in investigating business opportunities and to learn more about business conditions in today's Cambodia.

Cambodia offers a booming tourist infrastructure, with new hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, pubs, bars, nightclubs and many coastal sports with full services, security and safety.

Tourist destinations are easily accessible with the many comfortable modes of transportation available, from the air, road, rail and boat.

We hope that the web information provided may motivation you to come and visit us, and experience the authenticity and the splendour of Cambodia?s history, culture and nature. We promise you an unforgettable and wonderful memories for you to take home.


Welcome to Cambodia.

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